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Catch the Spirit

We develop events that support local charities. We can all work together using our abilities to make a difference for a better tomorrow.
If you are in the Miami area, please come and join us for a night of entertainment and refreshment
while donating to local charities.

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Do you like to cook?


Italian Cooking Tours
Chef Mario

If so, check out our tried and tested Recipes! We are currently featuring ‘Sicilian Cuisine” Each area of Sicily has a unique food style influenced by the Greeks, French, Arabs, Spaniards, Tunisians or Romans. A foodie’s dream…. all of these food varieties conveniently located at your fingertips! If you add your email to our Mailings List we will send you a monthly traditional recipe. I like to see how I can modernize old recipes without compromising the flavor, giving you the best of both worlds - tradition and convenience. Then let me know what you

Italian Tours

thought of it or make a request for an Italian recipe and I’ll do my best to track it down. It’s my belief that the food we eat tells us a lot about our culture and recipes should be preserved for future generations. It creates something from the past that can not only be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, and  also effects our emotions. Think about how you associate some food from your past that conjures up memories, the smell of it cooking, the flavors, and the experience of family and friends enjoying it. Now you are beginning to understand what the essence of the Spirit of Italy is all about! 


Italian Tours
Explore the coast of the Mediterranean Sea along Sicily's shore line.

If your interested in detailed information and interesting facts regarding Sicily, you must read our Travel Articles. Currently I am the author, but after you have enjoyed the luxury of travelling on one of our tour, we would love to include and share an article by you! I know you are going to enjoy your adventure so much you’ll want to share this experience with others. Yet another way the spirit is passed on, through the joy of the written word! 

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In the near future you will be able to visit our site to see the

Italian Tours
Spirit of Italy products

products we are importing from Italy. We personally select award winning wines from small wineries and other quality products such as olive oil from trees that grow in the rich volcanic soil of Mt Etna and the fertile fields of Trapani, honey harvested from aromatic lemon and orange trees as well as the amazing fields of wild flowers thru out Sicily and salt from the ancient salt-pads of Mothia. Many of these items will be packaged in colorful collectible Italian ceramics. All of these items will be added to our site as well as new tours under development on the mainland of Italy.

Everyone likes good prices but we specialize in offering you luxury for less!

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